Fallon Co is a minimal and urban lifestyle brand.

We currently sell art prints from a variety of different artists. As Fallon Co grows we want to expand from art prints, to also include fashion and decor, manchester and home wares. We want to encapsulate a lifestyle.

As well as an online store, we have our blog that will feature lifestyle ideas, professional styling tips and stories from our team. We value authenticity and we want to be a brand that you can connect with. Whoever you are, we hope you leave our space feeling inspired.

Fallon Co HQ is currently located in sunny Brisbane - Queensland, Australia. Our Founders Kate and Josh Karanges officially began Fallon Co in June 2016 after 2 years of dreaming and growing and getting to a place where it was possible. 

The future of Fallon Co is very exciting. We are always looking to improve, grow, innovate and lift the standard where we can. There is so much to come, we can't wait to share it with you and are so excited to have you with us as part of the journey.