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Meet the Artists



Dodge Pangburn


Human since 1986, fire-starter, organ donor.

I have been drawing on things whether right or wrong since some of my earliest memories. The earliest I can remember was when I was 4 years old and sent to the corner of the classroom because I was in trouble, I found a black crayon and to occupy the time I decided it was only fitting to give that dull carpet some upgrades and black lines! Since then I have either been talking my way into trouble or out of it, either way it’s usually something to do with me and my innate urge to leave a mark. I’m human like everyone else reading this and am now 30 years in this skin, I have a daughter whom is braver than me, her name is Sunday Violet, and I love her very much, we often paint in the studio together, this usually consists of me trying to make sure she doesn’t dip the full brush of one colour into the next tin that is totally opposite. I am free because thats what we were born to be, I am a fire-starter because who likes to talk about things, lets start now, I am an organ donor, because I have given my life to follow my dream of painting and showing others beautiful things.

Truly free.

Truly me,

Dodge Lee.



Jackson Todd

Hi, I'm Jackson.

I enjoy creating things that I like to look at or listen to. Being a full time designer I am constantly creating, thinking and pushing concepts for others. So when I create, play, paint, skate and write for me, it's truly freeing. It's really from my heart - either current emotions or even what I'd like to see more often. It's a great feeling knowing that the only person you have to please is yourself. 

It's also a bonus when others seem to connect and like the things that I'm creating.




Adam Portrait.jpg

Adam Busby

Adam Busby is an American born, Brisbane based Illustrator, Designer and Mural Artist.

Although the application, medium or situation may vary his goal is always the same: communicate, inspire and clarify. Adam’s background is in fine art and design, which continues to influence his work in a very unique and profound way. Whether editorial, large scale murals, animation or products, Adam’s unique style cuts through the noise every time.

Finding comfort in creative constraints, Adam often works in a focussed colour palette which draws inspiration from the tactility and simplicity of screen printing and other early print methods.

Constantly evolving and progressing, his work is graphic, bold and always pushing the line between design and illustration.

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Arielle Karanges

Ari is a feirce, energetic and sassy 2 year old, the daughter of founders Kate and Josh and who Fallon Co was named after (Arielle Fallon).

She is "sunshine mixed with a little hurricane", a whirlwind of adventure and possibility, and has the most incredible blue eyes. For Ari, life is for living to the full and we hope that never changes! 

We love some of the things she creates and don't believe there is an age limit on art. She loves to draw with pens - because grown ups "draw" with pens, and therefore pencils are inferior, obviously (every kid knows this). We'll see what we can experiment with in the future!

Bio by Kate Karanges