How To Hang A Symmetrical Gallery Wall

By Hayley Jenkin of Wholehearted Studio

One swift swipe around Pinterest and your eyes will most likely be immediately greeted with one of the most popular interior styling ideas of this decade: the gallery wall of art!

Set to make impact the second you lay eyes on it, the gallery of prints takes a "more is more" approach to decorating walls.

They make an impact and allow you to show your own personality and style with multiple pieces of art. There are two ways to approach a gallery wall: one is with symmetry and precision, and the other is with a more carefree and organic approach.

For this post, I am going to focus on the symmetrical approach and go through the steps on how to hang your art with military type precision. 

 Image: Country Road

Image: Country Road

What you will need:

- Spirit level

- Tape measure

- 3M velcro tabs

- Selection of prints, photographs, drawings [Fallon Co prints are coming soon!]

- Selection of frames in similar sizes

- Masking tape

- Hammer

- Pencil


 Image: Country Road

Image: Country Road

The steps:

1. Lay It Out. Lay your art out on the floor and arrange it how you would like it to be on the wall, keeping in mind for the symmetrical look, you want the frames to line up and be parallel and evenly spaced.

2. Get A Friend. Now grab a flatmate, buddy or family member to help you with the rest! An extra pair of eyes and hands will be helpful!

3. Measure Up. Next, measure across the whole arrangement and find the centre part along the tops of the frames. Then find the centre of the wall width and where you would like the tops of your frames to sit, and mark that spot lightly with a pencil.

4. Velcro It Up. Now get your velcro hanging tape and tape them around the outer edges on the backs of your frames. I stick them on already joined/velcroed together, I peel the sticker off and then it is ready to get pushed onto the wall.

5. Find The Centre. Using your lead pencil, place a mark on the wall as your centre point, and arrange your art onto the wall using your spirit level and ruler (checking spacing as you go). You will want to keep the gaps between your art consistent the whole way around. When you are finished stand back and check your work with your ruler and spirit level as this look is all about parallel lines and perfection. The great thing about the velcro stickers is that you can pull them off and tweak it here and there on each art work in case you have hung them a little off balance.

P.S. Our prints come in sizes A4, A3 and A2 including bleed, ready for your own DIY framing- or for those less handy or time poor, support your local framing store and get them professionally made. 

Kate Karanges