Behind The Scenes - Photoshoot Week

By Kate Karanges, Founder and Director


Right from the beginning I wanted our photos to reflect our brand - an authentic lifestyle. Quite often I see photos of perfect, empty rooms featuring products - and although beautiful - it's completely un-relatable. I wanted to have images with life in them, that you could connect to. To take out the single most important part - people - didn't feel right for us. So we aimed to create realistic scenes to shoot featuring our prints.  Although we styled and staged the shots, we tried to capture candid human interaction with our product. Because that is real, and we want you to see how what we offer fits in to your lifestyle.

I already had an idea of what I wanted our shots to look like, but I created inspiration boards and Neill, our photographer from BLUE, was totally on the same page. As well as our 3 photo shoots in one week, he was working on many other projects and still made us feel like we were the only one that week. He also has a relaxed way of shooting and communicating what he wants that sets you at ease. He actually designed our logo and website also (talented guy!) Definitely contact him for any photo shoots, branding or website needs - he does the lot. 


We collaborated with many different people and places that fit our brand and aesthetic. It's always been our intention to collaborate with many people and create a community feel for projects like our photo shoot, and it definitely felt like we were achieving that during the week.

Next I met with Hayley from Wholehearted Studio to plan the framing and styling. She also helped me choose the frames, and gave some great tips (such as leaving the glass off the frames to reduce glare - genius). It was so insightful and encouraging to work with her! We love her authentic approach to what she does and look forward to working with her more in the future. 

Our first shoot was at the home of Ryan and Breony Alcorn, who are youth pastors at Hope Centre and the owners of Alcorn Images and Salt and Co. They have an adorable son, Dallas Ryder (who loved being in front of the camera...for reals)! We had so much fun at this shoot, it was so natural and relaxed, and really great to hang out while we worked. Breony made an amazing cheese board (girl got skills) and we all ended up sharing it while we shot a group scene remotely. We actually forgot all about the camera after while!


Our second shoot was at Reverends Fine Coffee, and let's just say their coffee is fiiiiiiiiiiine! It was so great to have a caffeine fix while we were shooting! Not to mention their interior is amazing. Our barista Josh even joined in on some of the shots. He is also an artist and sells his own art right there in the cafe. If you're ever in the neighbourhood, pop in and check it out.

Our models for this shoot were Zeek Power and Nazarina Jose. Zeek is a singer/songwriter/musician - you can check him out on his YouTube channel - and is the lead singer of Slip on Stereo. Naz is an artist in her own right and is crazy talented. Basically the whole shoot was just hanging out, having coffees (hot choc for Zeek), and cracking jokes about how natural we all looked for the camera.


We finished up our week with a shoot at the Todd's house, and featured Liana and Lilli (mother and daughter) in our shots. Liana is a pastor at Hope Centre, and is an incredible vocalist and stylist. She actually styled all of our scenes for this shoot! We want to take her with us to every photo shoot we do, ha! Lilli is an up and coming model and graphic designer, and creates social media content for several brands as her job outside of school. Not to mention she's all of 16...! #goals


We also featured their 12 week old puppy Arlo, she was way too cute and should be a pet model by the way she just posed for us. It was another great shoot that was so much fun, and the images are stunning.


I'm so proud of our efforts, and so thankful for everyone who was involved and helped out. Looking forward to launching our store soon!

Kate Karanges