How to style a dreamy sideboard with art + homewares

Guest post by Hayley Jenkin of Wholehearted Studio

Sideboards are one of my favourite furniture items, and they have really made quite the comeback lately. These sideboards are great for storage and also perfect for arranging decorative items along them. They allow some breathing space in whatever room they are in, to add some personality and style with your homewares.

My most favourite thing to do with a sideboard is to mix both art and homewares together along it. Even placing a large scale art piece and leaning it up agains the wall on it will give a more casual look to your styling. Or hanging it singularly or in pairs side by side.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to achieve this look like a pro:

1. CHOOSE YOUR STYLE. Decide on your overall style, whether its more minimalist, or layered and eclectic is going to change how you arrange your side board.

2. PICK COLOURS. Choose a colour palette for your space and run it across your side boards decorative pieces and in your art. I like to pull at least one colour or texture out of the art and include another object in a similar tone elsewhere along the sideboard.

3. TIE IT ALL IN. Think about your art choice, your frame and your trinkets, plan how they are going to work together, and check that they are not going to clash from each other too much.

4. SELECT ITEMS OF DIFFERENT HEIGHTS. Make sure you have varying sizes and heights of items to create visual interest.

 Images and frames: Country Road 

Images and frames: Country Road 

5. BEFRIEND ODD NUMBERS. Stack books and arrange vases in odd numbers, this will look more visually pleasing and even to the eye in real life as well as on camera.

 Images and frames: Country Road 

Images and frames: Country Road 

The best thing to do is to get all your bits and pieces out and have a play. The best part about styling is its never locked in. You can always keep it evolving and improving your interior!

P.S. Our prints come in sizes A4, A3 and A2 including bleed, ready for your own DIY framing- or for those less handy or time poor, support your local framing store and get them professionally made. 

Kate Karanges